LED lighting in retail reduces food waste

March 12, 2013
Date Announced: 12 Mar 2013 Cardiff, UK - Britain's supermarkets generate 300,000 tonnes of food waste every year and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has said that this waste is being caused by poor storage. This waste could come down if supermarkets made small but significant changes to the way they stored and displayed their products, notably the lighting.A great deal of food is being thrown away due to bad use of lighting in supermarkets; it makes no sense whatsoever to illuminate fresh food with lighting that emits heat –heat causes fresh produce to sweat in its packaging and ultimately go off quicker. If the supermarkets were to re-evaluate the use of lighting around their fresh produce the current extortionate levels of waste could dramatically reduce. LED lighting suppliers, Sedna LED Ltd, have ascertained that installation of LED lighting in supermarkets could be highly beneficial for keeping produce fresh.Unlike conventional lighting, LED lighting does not emit heat or any UV or IR rays, so food stays fresher for longer. LED light sources can be placed in close vicinity to food for an enhanced aesthetic effect, but with no danger of premature food deterioration.The use of LED lighting in supermarkets could also improve the aesthetics of food. From a point of sales perspective, LED’s high quality of light creates a beautiful environment that is more likely to increase sales and thus reduce waste; good quality lighting allows for a better presentation and exhibition of goods as they are perfectly rendered in their natural colours. What’s more, LED fixtures are ideal for refrigeration areas, as they shine bright in all temperatures and their performance even inherently improves as the surrounding temperatures decline.

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