PL Light Systems introduces horticultural LED luminaires in North America

Feb. 2, 2016
Beamsville – P.L. Light Systems set to introduce new line of LED horticultural luminaires to North American market.

The Future of Grow Lighting.

Following the eagerly anticipated launch of a new LED product line by parent company Hortilux Schréder in Europe, PL Light Systems will soon be releasing the HortiLED products in North America as well.

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The HortiLED products will offer a solution for virtually any type of indoor horticultural application and the same industry-leading quality growers have come to expect from PL Light Systems.

“With the introduction of PL Light Systems’ HortiLED products, growers will no longer have to choose between lighting quality and energy savings.” said Todd Phillips, General Manager at PL Light Systems. “They can achieve the same lighting performance as traditional sources—with all the benefits of LEDs. The LED optics have been engineered to deliver unrivalled lighting performance—offering the best possible combination of performance and efficacy.”

PL Light Systems holds a unique advantage over other horticultural lighting suppliers in that they offer a full suite of products and technologies, including LED, high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide (MH) and hybrid systems. This allows them to provide customers with an unbiased lighting solution that is truly the best fit for their specific application.

The company’s strength lies in decades of experience in developing lighting products and technologies specifically for the horticultural market, and the close ties it maintains with the horticultural community—often identifying customer needs overlooked by existing products and developing innovative solutions to meet those needs. They also provide invaluable local support through a dedicated team of individuals.
For further details, contact PL Light Systems at 1.800.263.0213 or [email protected].

About PL Light Systems
As a recognized leader in the research and development of horticultural lighting products and technologies for more than 40 years, PL Light Systems has built a solid reputation for delivering the very best horticultural lighting systems for indoor growing applications.

For each lighting solution, they provide a comprehensive light plan to ensure optimized crop growth through adequate light penetration and uniformity to the crop. In collaboration with their parent company, Hortilux Schréder, they are heavily invested in ongoing research, new developments and improvements to their lighting solutions in order to remain at the forefront of innovation and technology in the horticultural lighting sector.


Lisa Jansen van Rensburg, Marketing Manager - PL Light Systems
+1-800-263-0213 x242