EKTA introduces FrameLED Plus, a cross-functional LED display solution for rental and fixed installations

Dec. 26, 2016
EKTA, a leading LED display developer and manufacturer, based in Ukraine, is introducing a new LED modules family to hit the market of hi-demand rental and fixed applications. The new products will be presented at the ISE exhibition 2017.

As the start of FrameLED Plus product line, the company launches two models of LED display modules. LVM 3P is an ultra-high-contrast outdoor LED module with 3,86 mm pixel pitch. This model is targeted as a versatile solution to cover a broad variety of rental cases, either outdoor or indoor, as well as high-resolution fixed outdoor installations which meet the highest requirements to image quality. The other model, iLVM 2P, is an indoor solution with 2,68 mm pixel pitch, suitable for high-resolution projects with the top demand to image quality and control function, for example, TV studios.

As light as air

EKTA’s original 386x386 mm module frame design is continued in FrameLED Plus, to deliver outstanding frame strength, allowing assembling a perfect screen surface with a subtle movement of the hand, without any fine-tuning or re-assembly. With only 28 kg/m2 weight of iLVM 2P, FrameLED Plus stays as one of the world’s lightest rental screen solutions.

Intelligence under the surface

Both LVM 3P and iLVM 2P modules boast EKTA SmartSurface technology, a set of intelligent module features introduced by EKTA and being continually developed for many years. SmartSurface includes a know-how pixel-by-pixel calibration technology, extended functions of LED control to ensure brilliant picture at any brightness and proper image quality on low brightness grades starting from 0,3% of maximum brightness. Also, SmartSurface allows maintaining remote module diagnostics functions and monitoring the technical screen status over a cloud service.

Total solution

FrameLED Plus products are designed to operate together with EKTA ERMAC control system, to implement its unbeatable performance in video processing, image quality, extra functions like real-time video cropping, scaling, mixing, image properties control, and brand Uniformity2 screen calibration and alignment functions.

About EKTA

EKTA Company, founded in 1992, is a manufacturer and exporter of high-end LED technology, known in more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia. For more than 25 years EKTA has carried out hundreds of projects aimed at installing video screen equipment in the fields of advertising, show business, sports, shopping and entertainment, transport, and television.
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