Supplemental Emergency LED Lighting Fixture

Dec. 26, 2016
Patno Lighting has released their new supplemental emergency LED lighting product, EMERGILUME.

EMERGILUME will provide emergency lighting when normal power is interrupted. EMERGILUME will also activate when a hardwired interconnected smoke detector is triggered anywhere in the building. Long life Lithium ION battery operates the high brightness LED, and exceeds the NFPA101 Life Safety code requirement.

Install at low height near floor or at room switch height where light is needed for safe egress.

Momentary push test switch for periodic testing and an LED indicator light for quick visual inspection of battery charge.

Standard 120V, receptacle or on/off switch.

The Emergilume is NFPA101 Life Safety, UL 924 Emergency Power Equipment and ADA compliant.
U.S. Patent No.: 8.752,972


Peter Quinn
Patno Lighting
[email protected]