LED Design PRO announces LED Array Builder SSL fixture visual design software

June 29, 2016
Designing LED light fixtures requires both visual and engineering aspects in the process. This leads to time consuming trial and error, plus expensive hardware revisions that can seriously affect the product getting to market. This design process for building a SSL light fixture today also requires an electrical engineer or someone with some engineering knowledge of LED electronic circuitry.

Can you imagine the lighting product designer being able to prototype the look and feel of the LED’s light output into their artistic physical prototype without requiring engineering’s precious time at the early design stages?

LED Design PRO in Austin, Texas, released a revolutionary product to reduce those cost and time requirements. With the first ever LEDArrayBuilder.com visual array/module design software anyone can produce a new LED product in less than 10 minutes. It also works great for retrofitting existing Legacy light fixtures to become efficient True LED array/module products, removing the existing Edison style light bulbs completely.

Two different design paths are available today, for the Designer try the LED Designers Path http://ledarraybuilder.com/design-form/ and for the Engineer check out LED Engineers Path http://ledarraybuilder.com/engineer-form/. The new norm for designers will be to use the easy visual selection screens to design, and then visually adjust the specific components to create a LED product. This engineering in the background process will also empower artisans, craftsmen, and even hobbyists to move past the days of the Edison socket and into the far more efficient and versatile world of LED lighting.

About LED Design PRO
LED Design PRO’s rapid LED lighting prototyping tools allow anyone from a DIY/Maker, lighting designer, and light fixture manufactures to bring new products to market, fast.

Want to ultimately build your own LED products? You can. Our goal is to put the tools in your hands to help you simplify the light fixture prototyping process. We provide LED design software, a fast service to build your LED array/module PCB assemblies, and even manufacturing Gerber files and docs are available.

Start designing now.


Sara Gonzales, Media Relations - LED Design PRO
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