LUXTECH Introduces First Direct-AC LED Platform with Universal Input

Jan. 1, 2019
LUXTECH, the leading American manufacturer of integrated Direct-AC LED modules, introduces the first and only true Universal Input Direct-AC platform. No LED driver is needed!

LUXTECH ruggedized, driverless modules are ideal for high-bay industrial lighting, outdoor lighting and area lighting applications.

LUXTECH Direct-AC LED modules offer luminaire manufacturers a simple integrated design for 120-277VAC. Eliminating the LED driver means a far smaller form-factor, as well as reduced system weight, longer lifetimes and reduced system cost.

Many HID luminaires in the market today are already designed as UL compliant for LUXTECH Direct-AC LED modules.

According to LUXTECH CEO Sean Darras, “Because we’re a US-based manufacturer focusing on high-quality and speed-to-market, our patent-pending technology is now in the luminaires of major US lighting companies.”

As a US LED supplier, LUXTECH samples lead-time can be as quick as four to six weeks, offering luminaire manufacturers speedy access to a revolution in the LED lighting marketplace.

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About Luxtech
LUXTECH designs, develops and engineers Direct-AC LED modules that enable luminaire fixture manufacturers to enter the market or quickly expand their offerings.

LUXTECH, a privately held company, is one of a new breed of manufacturing companies that are part of the Philadelphia Navy Yard innovative technology program.


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