Ulite LED Billboard Fixtures light up Shenzhen Advertising Boards

April 15, 2015
Shenzhen city is one beautiful city, especially the landscape around Binhe Road. At Binhe road, Ulite led billboard lighting fixtures light up some advertising boards there, and saving more than 50% energy.

Below is one example, the billboard is 18 meters in length, and 6 meters in height. Previously 16 pcs 400w high pressure sodium lamps were used, monthly power consumption is as high as 2,304 kwh. Now 16pcs 150w Ulite led billboard lighting fixtures are used, it is 864 kwh per month, saving up to 1,440 kwh electricity monthly (up to 62.5%), not include the maintenance cost.

Ulite led billboard fixtures are specially designed for advertising boards.

1) Scientific Light Distribution: Innovative shape design, together with professional optical design, make perfect lighting effect and reduce the light pollution.
2) Good heat dissipation: Adopt the whole aluminum lamp cooling technology which are perfect at heat dissipation and longer life span of leds.
3) Dust-proof: Cooling module with lamp housing ventilation design can protect lamp well from dust accumulation and rain water to ensure the long life span of lamp.
4) Bolt type fixed: Using bolt type bracket, durable and good stability.

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