SparkFund helps Lumigrow provide customer financing for horticultural LED lighting systems

April 17, 2015
Indoor grower finds easy access to energy efficient grow lights with new integrated financing solution

WASHINGTON, DC - LumiGrow, a leader in greenhouse spectrum control systems, has partnered with SparkFund to offer customers a private-label payment plan for installing efficient horticultural LED lighting upgrades at no upfront cost. LumiGrow is working with SparkFund to fund and install new lighting systems for over 42 customers in the next year.

LumiGrow’s new payment plan was the perfect solution for a recent customer in need of a new horticultural lighting system. Sustainable Local Foods (SLF), an expanding hydroponic produce grower, used the payment plan to meet increasing demand that includes a large supply agreement with Kroger’s grocery store.

Sustainable Local Foods pays no net cost for their new efficient horticultural LED lighting, which deliver utility bill savings greater than their monthly payments. The new indoor agriculture company gets a LumiGrow Pro™ horticultural LED lighting system that guarantees optimal plant performance, delivers spectral control, and reduces operating costs by approximately $170,000 annually.

“This project would not have happened without this payment plan,” said Jim Bloom, chief business developer at Sustainable Local Foods. “We are thrilled to expand our new business with the most effective and efficient agricultural lights out there. SparkFund’s intuitive and streamlined process and LumiGrow’s efficient technology made this project possible.”

LumiGrow’s payment plan powered by SparkFund lets customers understand the immediate value of a new horticultural LED lighting system early in LumiGrow's project development process. SparkFund’s web-based tools allowed Sustainable Local Foods to visualize the savings and positive cash flow resulting from their project.

“Integrating the SparkFund custom payment plan slider into our website was straightforward and simple,” shared Caroline Wells, chief operating officer at LumiGrow. “We love being able help customers like Sustainable Local Foods harness the growing capacity of energy-efficient lighting without the upfront investment.”

About SparkFund:
SparkFund is an energy efficiency financing company that has developed a flexible financing solution for $10,000 to $1,000,000 energy savings projects. SparkFund aims to provide greater access to the benefits of energy efficiency for business owners, contractors, partners, and investors. SparkFund is the first energy efficiency financing company to specifically target projects in this range. This market has been previously underserved as large firms typically require larger projects in order to keep up with overhead costs. Consequently, many of these projects are not completed due to a lack of upfront capital. SparkFund partners directly with energy efficiency contractors and manufacturers to embed their financing platform into the sales process and help close more deals.

About LumiGrow, Inc.:
LumiGrow, Inc., the leader in greenhouse spectrum control systems, enables commercial growers and agribusinesses to reduce energy costs, achieve operational efficiencies and improve crop yield. LumiGrow offers a range of proven solutions for use in greenhouses, controlled environment agriculture and scientific research chambers. LumiGrow solutions are eligible for energy-efficiency subsidies from Pacific Gas & Electric, Puget Sound Energy and other utilities. The Company’s 1,000+ installations include three of the top five global agribusinesses, leading produce and flower growers, algae producers, Top 100 garden centers, more than 75 universities and the USDA. Headquartered in Novato, California, LumiGrow is privately owned and operated. For more information, call (800) 514-0487 or visit

About Sustainable Local Foods:
The Sustainable Local Foods mission is to help local communities grow food, opportunities and hope. The organization affects positive change by improving access to flavorful and fresh produce in urban areas. Through the use of modern farming methods and technologies, Sustainable Local Foods reduces energy, water and fertilizer use while it also reduces the carbon footprint of the community’s salad greens. Additionally, Sustainable Local Foods delivers vocational rehabilitation opportunities to local workers. For more information, please call (248) 878-4794 or visit


Lauren Basler - SparkFund
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