Shat-R-Shield Retrofits South Shades Crest Elementary Gymnasium with LED High Bay

July 21, 2015
Every aspect of a student’s learning environment is vital, from staff and teaching methods to classroom settings and even lighting. In fact, next to sleep and nutrition, lighting has the most powerful impact on a student’s abiliaty to learn and perform. Research shows that the presence of good lighting has a profound and positive effect on human behavior, increasing visual performance, cognition, information retention, vigor, positive moods and alertness. South Shades Crest Elementary School made a progressive decision to retrofit antiquated light sources in their facilities and adopt LED lighting technology in order to create a better learning environment for their students.

The Hoover School District of Birmingham, Alabama wanted to replace inefficient 400 watt metal halide lamps in the SSCE gymnasium with an LED source that would significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while simultaneously improving illuminance levels. The new light source must be able to withstand the extremely hot conditions of the environment, as well as work in conjunction with air conditioning units to reduce their outputs.

The school district collaborated with a local electrical supply distributor to identify an LED fixture that met their criteria. After trying a 4for60 promotion from Shat-R-Shield (try 4 fixtures for 60 days, free of charge) the resolution was simple. The retrofit story details how much was being spent on the schools outdated HID High Bays and the proposed amount after the LED installation. The projected ROI was estimated to be just 13 months:


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