VERDE LED install cutting edge VERDE CONTROLS system in Nimbus centre

Oct. 15, 2015
VERDE LED, who specialise in the design and manufacture of commercial energy saving LED lighting solutions, have recently completed an install of the industry leading VERDE CONTROLS system for the Nimbus Center in CIT Cork.

VERDE CONTROLS is a wireless lighting communication platform developed by VERDE LED since 2013 to enable commercial users to save up to a further 80% on their lighting usage through the smart control platform.

Nimbus CIT is the leading center for Internet of Things and wireless sensing technology in Ireland so the install of the VERDE CONTROLS is testament to the robustness of the system to work in an environment with extremely congested radio frequencies.

CEO of VERDE LED John Keohane outlined: “VERDE are delighted that Nimbus chose to Install VERDE CONTROLS to enable them to intelligently control and monitor their lighting wirelessly. The nature of the building with all the other existing wireless networks has proven to be the ultimate test for the robustness of VERDE CONTROLS and I am glad to announce that it has passed with flying colours!”.

Commenting on the project, Center manager Richard Linger had the following to say “We are delighted to work with VERDE and install cutting edge technology such as VERDE CONTROLS. I believe this demonstrates our commitment to be at the forefront of the emerging IT market. We have already seen energy savings of 45% and anticipate this to increase as we optimase the system to our specific requirements”.


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