You Spoke & Knema Listened!

Knema, LLC is introducing a new 12x12-inch 36 LED module, designed with their customers in mind and with a focus on balancing cost and performance to construct the best LED module for their projects.

SHREVEPORT, La Dec. 12, 2015
Knema, LLC has been providing LED lighting to people in the retail display and lighting industry since 2004 and after plenty of discussions with their customers they are now proud to present their new 12x12-inch 36 LED module. This new LED module delivers more light, reliability and greater flexibility than ever before.

With only 36 LEDs, Knema’s new LED module produces more light than their previous economy LED module with 196 LEDs and at a lower cost. The new LED module utilizes the same high-quality Nichia LEDs that are currently on their other premium modules.

That means customers do not have to worry about these LED modules failing on them like a lot of those cheaper China made LED modules because Knema backs their new LED module with the same seven-year warranty of all their premium modules.

In addition to increasing the brightness while reducing the cost, Knema also switched up their LED module design to allow the LED module to be easily cut and used onsite. The new LED module provides multiple solder points in addition to the standard Knema connectors to give you the ability to cut the module into six 3x5.25-inch modules.

About Knema, LLC

Knema, LLC., dba LuminousFilm, owned and operated by Glen Bundrick is located in Shreveport, Louisiana. We have provided LED light panels, LED modules and electroluminescent products to commercial, theatrical and residential contractors worldwide since 2001.


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