DomiJump Introduces A New LED Flashlights For Trampolines

Sept. 10, 2015
Zhejiang, China, September 8, 2015 – The Domijump new LED flashlights for trampoline will be available for purchase from next week. This comes after the company had begun producing LED solar lights for trampolines.

The LED flashing lights and the LED solar lights can be installed on the same trampoline.

“We intend to explore all the key benefits of LED technology since it has proved to be cost effective and environmentally friendly,” said Lisa. “We planned to introduce these products concurrently since they are designed to complement one another. You can install the LED flashlights under the trampoline mat, and the LED solar light on the trampoline pole,” she added.

This implies that, with the LED lighting systems in place, people can use the trampolines at night too.

These two LED light systems share quite a number of features except for the following two aspects:

1.The LED flashlights mainly depend on a rechargeable battery.

Those that will be available in the market will have to depend on one source of power – AA battery. Since LED consume less power, these batteries will last longer. This is unlike the LED solar system that uses both the battery and the solar.

2.They are motion activated.

These LED will light as soon as one begins to jump. Therefore, they are intended to light up the trampoline mat such that kids can see exactly where they are stepping on. Unlike the other LED lights that are mounted on the trampoline poles, these lights are installed below the trampoline mat. Normally at the center. This encourages the kids to focus on jumping within the region with light.

This is an important safety measure, especially at night. This is because the trampoline users will be targeting the center of the mat. At times, the LED solar light may not provide sufficient light. As a safety measure, the light should have a contrasting color.

Like the LED solar light, this product will feature a wide range of lighting configurations that can be changed depending on the situation. The ability to change the lighting within an environment is vital especially at night.

The new trampolines with the new light up feature are designed to provide fun considering that kids are sensitive to colors. At the same time, they have been designed to ensure that kids focus on the center of the trampoline. This also comes after the company had introduced a number of quality trampoline that feature advanced safety standards.

The company’s efforts to produce a versatile and reliable equipment has been echoed by several staff members who believe customer satisfaction is a priority. “Domijump will be blending innovate lighting technology and trampoline construction. It is a reason why we are planning to partner with the companies that produce the LED lighting systems,” Lisa, the Marketing Manager said. “We have no choice but to invest smart lighting arrays that can make our customers to use the trampolines during the night,” she reiterated.

Domijump has also started constructing a research and development center that will focus on the production of the trampoline LED lighting systems. It will work together with existing R & D for trampoline manufacturing.

This will help to improve the quality and efficiency of the LED flashing light for trampolines. Since the company began manufacturing and supplying trampoline products, this the first time Domijump has ventured in the trampoline light manufacturing process.

The next generation of the LED flashing lights will have two sources of power: the battery and the solar system.

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