SENSETECHLIGHT ™ launches a new series of LED High bays in compliance with the latest EU regulatory requirements.

Nov. 10, 2015
Premium LED high bay series with CE Certification - 80w, 100w, 120w, 150w, 200w and 250w.

SENSETECHLIGHT ™ LED high bay is designed to efficiently illuminate any large interior space such as heavy industrial workshop areas, warehouses, retail stores, convention centers, and other large indoor spaces with mounting heights between 15 and 40 feet.

Key features
- Unique custom built aluminum interlocked-fin type heat sink ( MADE BY SENSE LIGHTING )
- Bridgelux COB LED
- 80+ CRI
- AC100-277VAC MEANWELL driver
- High power factor
- Heavy duty housing
- Rust and corrosion proof
- Driver enclosed for added protection
- Heavy duty hook
- 5 year limited warranty

The entire series of High bays have the following Certification and Testing
Standards for EMC :

Standards for EMF
EN 62493:2010
Conformity LITE
EN 605980-2-1:1989
EN 60598-1:2015

IEC 60598-2-1:1979 (First Edition) + A1:1987 used in conjunction
with IEC 60598-1:2014 (Eighth Edition)


SENSETECHLIGHT ™ is owned by Dongguan Sense Lighting Technology Co., ltd., which specializes in manufacturing, designing, and developing industrial, commercial, and residential lighting products.

Dongguan Sense Lighting Technology Co., ltd. owns a heat sink production factory and designs and develops LED lighting solutions for various applications with a very unique fin type interlocking aluminum heat sink. SENSETECHLIGHT ™ provides a full line of LED Lighting solutions which makes it easy to replace traditional CFL, incandescent, metal halide, and HID lighting fixtures with LED.


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