Motorized Large Spheres

Aug. 5, 2015
Gooch & Housego Orlando is pleased to announce that we now offer motorized 2 meter (76”) diameter integrating spheres for total spectral and luminous flux measurements of luminaires and other large lighting products. The sphere design features innovative baffling and port design for optimal uniform spatial response, are built to the highest quality standards, and engineered for tough production environments. The coating is G&H’s proprietary Optolon2, which delivers broad spectral response with reflectance exceeding 98% over the 400 nm – 1100 nm range and above 90% reflectance up to 1700 nm, while being rugged enough for industrial environments and suitable for cleaning on site. The spheres are fitted with auxiliary lamps for performing absorption correction and, when used with our NIST-traceable total spectral flux standards, allows for full system calibration in compliance with IES LM-79 and CIE 127 requirements. Additional features include dual cooling fans, temperature monitoring, and provisions for base up or base down testing to maintain burning position. Coupled to our high performance and ultra-fast OL 770 multi-channel spectroradiometer, they are ideal for performing lumen maintenance testing (LM-80) and electrical characterization of large sources and luminaires all the way down to single LEDs. The system incorporates a variety of safety features including optical interlocks, slip clutching and industrial grade actuators to eliminate potential operator/user hazards. An integrated safety mat option is also available.

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