Lunera Lighting Ships its One-Millionth Helen Lamp

Aug. 20, 2015
Innovative Plug-and-Play LED Replacement Lamp for CFLs Proves Popular in Commercial Market

Santa Clara, Calif., – August 20, 2015 – Lunera® Lighting, Inc., a leader in lighting innovations accelerating the transformation to advanced LED technology, is pleased to announce the sale of its one-millionth Helen Lamp, a plug-and-play LED replacement for a compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). Lunera created the plug-and-play LED lamp category with the invention of its proprietary BallastLED technology. This technology enables Lunera’s LED lamps to operate directly off of the existing ballast. The simplicity of this approach delivers the lowest cost solution to convert existing lighting infrastructure to energy saving LED technology.

“The majority of energy consumed from existing lighting in the U.S.A. comes from conventional bulbs that operate off of electronic or magnetic ballasts. Since LEDs are inherently incompatible with ballasts, the pace of LED technology adoption into the commercial market segment was stifled. Lunera’s talented team of engineers developed BallastLED technology in order to solve this difficult technical challenge and accelerate the deployment of energy saving LED technology across the nation’s commercial building portfolio,” said Doug Schendt, CEO of Lunera Lighting.

“In the past year, the market has spoken and it’s clear that customers found what they have been looking for in the simplicity and elegance of Lunera’s plug-and-play approach as seen in the Helen Lamp,” commented Tom Quinn, Lunera's Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

“Having the vision to create an entirely new lighting category and; with the support of our valued channel partners, shipping over one-million units of product in a short period of time is something we are very proud to have achieved. The Lunera Helen Lamp has been a juggernaut and a positive catalyst to accelerating the adoption of energy saving LED technology in the commercial market,” added Quinn.

Steve Westly, Managing Partner of the Westly Group and an investor in Lunera, commented: “We are thrilled to see the progress Lunera is making with their unique approach to enabling the adoption of LED technology by the commercial market. The impact it is having in reducing energy use and improving the environment is significant. The Westly Group is pleased to be able to support this important innovation.”

As a company, Lunera is a culmination of the technology, drive and innovation common to Silicon Valley businesses. Its engineering team delivered a groundbreaking innovation with BallastLED and continues to bring new lamp technologies to market such as MultiWatt and ThermalIQTM. The company’s product line extends to plug-and-play replacements for a wide variety of compact fluorescent, metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps. These products are remarkable in their elegance of design, simplicity of use and energy saving performance.

About Lunera
Lunera Lighting, an innovative technology leader, delivers LED solutions that are simple to install, reliable to operate, and valuable to own. Lunera designs, manufactures and markets high performance commercial LED plug-and-play lamps that obsolete traditional lighting technologies. For building owners and operators, Lunera’s products reduce operating expenses by lowering electricity and maintenance costs. For occupants, Lunera’s technology improves light quality, enhancing comfort and productivity. Based in Silicon Valley, Lunera is part of a community of progressive companies that challenges convention and transforms industries for the benefit of all. Visit for additional product and company information.


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