New LED Technology Keeping Students in 14 States Safer

Aug. 12, 2015

Toledo, OH. August 2015 – The states of Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Vermont, Wisconsin, Texas and Wyoming announced the implementation of a new LED lighting system on school buses designed to keep students safer as they board the bus. Gardian Angel LLC, a Toledo, Ohio based company, has designed, patented and produced a lighting system that is a proactive measure combating school bus stop arm violations and creates a well-lit and highly visible path 6-8 feet wide with a field of vision from 18-20 feet away from the school bus to the school bus which keeps children safe and out of the danger zone.

“The GARDIAN ANGEL® is bright enough so oncoming motorists can see our children crossing the street to load the bus. I was truly amazed.” -Mike Gwizdala, Former Director of Transportation, Bay City Public Schools

“This product provides greater safety for our children by allowing oncoming traffic from both directions to clearly see kids making their way to the bus," states Gardian Angel president Steve Gardner, “it is especially effective in areas that lack proper street lighting.”

The Gardian Angel® is an exterior school bus safety lighting system which is tested to military specifications and exceeds current federal standards. The lighting system includes two high intensity red LED flashing strobe lights that attach to the hood of the bus coupled with two front bumper mounted 1,000 lumen white LED flood lights which shine out each side of the front of the bus at a 45 degree angle which illuminates the ground where the students stand, automatically when the stop sign is deployed. As far as versatility, the lighting system works with any type of bus. This new astonishing technology is already permitted in 14 states and is endorsed by the Michigan Association for Pupil Transportation.


Steve has prominent background in the transportation industry. Steve is a former school bus mechanic for twenty years, and wrenched his way to fleet maintenance supervisor for another 15 years. He was a licensed mechanic in Michigan, and was an ASE master technician in heavy trucks and school buses as well. Mr. Gardner was an active member in the Ohio School Bus Mechanics association for over 25 years. Steve is credited with organizing the first mock school bus disaster in the state of Ohio in 1996, which involved mentally, and physically challenged individuals. Steve is also the inventor of the Gardian Angel®.

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