40 watts in one hand – smaller design for the LED circuits

Aug. 6, 2015
With the new driverless AC technology of euroLighting, completely new opportunities open up for the development of LED lighting. The complete circuit with 40W including LEDs fits on a compact 80 x 80mm circuit board. Developers thus save considerable space, weight, and costs when constructing new LED lighting elements.

Since the driver circuit is accommodated on the LED board, a 40W module of euroLighting is about as small as the palm of your hand. In comparison: A 40W power supply in a conventional design without LEDs is already larger. For use in all kinds of lights, the smaller design is a great advance; developers now have a large variety of new possibilities. For this driverless solution, the latest IC chips design is used. These chips are operated directly with 230V AC alternating current.

The great advantage of this AC circuit is the even dimmability of all LEDs within a range from 10 to 100 per cent.
In the case of the competitors' products, only a sequential lighting of individual LED groups is possible. A further advantage is the even distribution of heat along the entire board and thus the prevention of so-called hotspots.
Even individual customer wishes can be met with this circuit. Until now, LED driver circuits with outputs between 2W and 200W have been implemented.


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