UVER Corporation, S. Korea – 16-20W/? UV LED Curing device

Aug. 5, 2015
UVER Co., Ltd the global leading company in the field of UV LED application for curing, coating, printing has launched the product line of ultra high power UV LED curing device.
One of the newest packaging solutions is chip-on-board (COB), in which LED chips are in the form of a semiconductor chip that directly mounted onto a special customized PCB.
COB LED delivers many benefits such as simple manufacturing processes, effectiveness improvement light distribution and greater design flexibility.

COB UV LED Curing device developed by UVER Co.,Ltd provides the world highest intensity (16~20mW/?) ranging from 360nm to 430nm and it assures excellent curing quality for a brief time.
This device can sustain more than 94% uniformity if it is changed working distance and curing area by control output of each COB LED Cell. Although it is 40% less of device size of competing models, This device provides high reliability of temperature because applies to multi cooling systems such as Air knife, Line Air and Motor Fan.
This device has applied printing, coating and enhancement of Display panel. Recently, it has applied to exposure process in the field of semiconductor wafer and thin film.
“COB LED Curing device provides optimum conditions to all customers that use UV curing process. Especially we focus to the UV LED curing system for customized specifications and make efforts to optimize of manufacturing process improvement, providing optimal product.”
Mentioned by Do-Won Lee, Senior Researcher of laboratory.


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