Greenlite Debuts MOODLITE LED Light Bulb Kelvin Dimming

Aug. 1, 2015
Ambient LED Light: Let Your Light Bulb Set The Mood

Greenlite’s new MOODLITE LED BR30 warms up as the bulb dims down, offering a revolutionary experience for dimmable LED bulbs. While dimming the bulb, the color temperature decreases from 3000K to 2000K to create a warm candle-like glow. This dimming capability was previously only available in halogen and incandescent products. Greenlite's MOODLITE is ideal for residential and hospitality environments where you can create your own ambience by dimming your MOODLITE from a bright energizing to a soft cozy light.

- Adjust your lighting to reflect your mood
- Dims from 2000K to 3000K
- 12W BR30 LED saves 85% in energy when compared to a 75W incandescent BR30
- 25,000 hour rated average life
- Energy Star® approved
- Operates with traditional household and commercial dimmers


Simran Kohli
Marketing Director
[email protected]