DERUN new products publish-- good CRI led strip for food dispaly

Aug. 27, 2015
DeRun Lighting Technology Co., LTD is a China-based manufacturer of kinds of LED lights. Derun lighting publish a new product--Good CRI led strip for food dispaly, which have 3 colors in LED, warm white, pure white and red color. And is also have a good CRI. This new product adopt SMD 5050 chip, 60leds per meter, 14.4W per meter, DC12V, There is 3M adhesive tape on the led strip back. With 10mm flexible pcb board.

The reason we recommend this new led strip light because is good for food dispaly. It have better visual effect for food display. It seems more and more popular in the market and customers. When we choose fruits, vegetables, meat and other fresh food in the supermarket, most of time , we can see the lights install on sheet is cool white color, it makes food looks not so fresh, the visual effect is not good, so will cause a lot of food waste. But, if we use this new products which have 3 colors in one led instead of the original products, you will see a different visual effect, it keep the food looks very fresh.
With this new product to replace the original lighting is a very good choice. It's very cost-effective. Also can reduce waste.

Specifications of good CRI led strip for food dispaly:
? PCB Size: 5000mm*10mm
? LED Quantity: 60leds/m
? Working Voltage: 12V/24V
? Power: 14.4W/M
? Lumen: 18-20LM per led
? PCB Color: White/Black/Yellow
? Viewing angle: 120 degree
? Waterproof: IP20 Non-waterproof
IP65 Silicon Glue Covering Waterproof
IP67 Silicon Tube Waterproof
IP68 Silicon Tube and Silicon Glue Filled Waterproof
? Tape: 3M adhesive tape on the back for IP20 & IP65 led strip
? Clips & End Caps: 10pcs Clips & 2pcs End Caps per roll for IP67 & IP68 led strip
? Color Temperature: Warm white 2800-3200K White 6000-6500K
? Package: 5M/ROLL with Anti-static Bag
? Certification: CE, ROHS, UL Listed
? Warranty: 3 Years


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