Civilight North America introduces eight new ENERGY STAR-certified Commercial Series LED lamps

Aug. 13, 2015
Civilight North America introduces eight new ENERGY STAR-certified Commercial Series LED lamps
Lighting manufacturer offers new high CRI and lumen BR and omni-directional LED lamps for the commercial market.

Cary, North Carolina – Civilight North America is proud to announce the availability of eight new LED lamp models that are now registered on the ENERGY STAR® list of certified products. This certification is a worldwide recognition that the listed products meet the strict energy efficiency guidelines set forth by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The eight new models, including BR and omni-directional A19 LED lamps, are aggressively priced and available for purchase with eligible rebates of up to $10 to maximize return on investments (ROIs).

“These aggressively-priced and rebate-eligible LED lamps are positioned at an affordable price to allow most end users to experience the tremendous quality and energy saving benefits of ENERGY STAR-qualified LED lighting products,” said Jeffrey E. Lagaly, CEO of Civilight North America. “These high-quality replacements for incandescent and CFL lamps offer superior CRI and lumens for rich, high-quality lighting throughout living and working spaces nationwide. These products highlight our strategy of offering industry leading lamps in our Architectural Series, while also offering high quality products with excellent ROI in our Commercial Series.”

Designed to replace 65- and 75-watt incandescent BR lamps using just 12- and 14-watts, Civilight’s ENERGY STAR-certified Commercial LED BR30 and BR40 are game changers for energy savings and superior downlighting levels in residential and commercial applications. The LED BR30 and BR40 are designed with a sleek body that is aesthetically pleasing while achieving optimal thermal control capabilities. High-quality and smooth dimming LEDs are obscured beneath a frosted lens to deliver a 93 color rendering index (CRI) and up to 1,000 lumens to achieve smooth lighting levels and a desired room appearance without harsh cut-offs or shadows. The lamps are offered in very warm white 2700K or a white 3000K correlated color temperatures (CCT) to help end users achieve optimal lighting levels in a variety of fixture types, including recessed can fixtures, track lighting and display lights in architectural, residential, retail, office space and hospitality applications. Civilight also offers 13-, 18- and 22-watt Architectural and 13-watt Professional models.

Civilight is proud to announce the addition of the Commercial Series omni-directional model to the company’s A19 LED lamp portfolio, which already includes the Architectural Series with an industry leading CRI of 97 and the Professional Series that delivers a competitive 90 CRI. The six- and nine-watt Commercial Series lamps replace 40- and 60-watt incandescent lamps, saving 85 percent in energy. These Commercial Series omni-directional A19 lamps are ENERGY STAR-certified and competitively priced high-quality replacement lamps with a standard E26 Edison base that offer the same traditional aesthetics that end-users have grown accustomed to with incandescent lamps. These LED replacement lamps deliver up to 800 lumens and maximize ROI with an 82 CRI, which is higher than the industry standard of 80. The lamp’s omnidirectional light radiates through a frosted lens to produce consistent, accurate light output in all directions. The lamps are available in very warm white 2700K or a white 3000K CCT for warm and inviting lighting levels in table and floor lamps, sconces and pendants in commercial and residential environments, including hotels, bars and restaurants, homes and multi-family residential units. The lamps are dimmable to achieve desired lighting levels and achieve superior user comfort.

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