ALT’s LED lightings passed -65? freeze test

Aug. 13, 2015
To provide quality lightings to ultra cold applications, Taiwanese high power LED lighting company Aeon Lighting Technology Inc. (ALT) has sent its PAR lamp, T8 tube, and A55 bulb to outside laboratory for -65? environmental test, and have successfully verified its quality. The lamp features high endurance in freezing temperatures with uncompromising performance and longevity, most suitably used in cold chain for fisheries and food industry, also in industrial use.

General LED lighting products usually work in -20? to 40? environment; but in agriculture, fisheries, food industry and industrial environment, storages may require an even lower temperature; which is why LED replacements in these cold areas should have at least -60? resistance to prevent flickering, rapid light decay, or any other unseen damages to the lamp from freezing temperatures.

Several experiments were conducted to test product reliability in extreme conditions, such as powering on in -65? environment, observing light potency, presence of flickers, and powering off to see if there are any problems during regular usages to ensure the components and the product itself isn’t damaged by the freezing temperature.

To cope with the rising demand in low temperature lighting, ALT has introduced the most complete set of refrigeration lamps; including high-bays, floodlights, A55 bulbs, and T8 tubes used in freezers. All the models have been tested under -65? for its performance in power and consistent light source. In comparison to traditional lighting, LED lights have the advantage of long lifespan, instant on, and contains no glass materials, thus giving safety and reducing maintenance cost for cold store’s owner. With motion sensor, it can save even more energy use and reduce electrical cost.


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