Photon announces new instrument for profiling LEDs

Feb. 10, 2005
Date Announced: 10 Feb 2005 LEDs have generated tremendous interest, as they are being used in many new applications such as interior lighting, biotechnology and defense. Photon provides a new instrument to profile these devices, the LED Profiler, which generates high dynamic range light intensity profiles of LEDs. Understanding the beam profile of an LED is important in creating more efficient, repeatable, and effective LED luminaires and sources. The LED Profiler generates results in less than one hundredth the time required using comparable techniques. Photon’s patented goniometric radiometry technology addresses the unique challenges presented by profiling LEDs, where the highly divergent light involved makes accurate profiling problematic.The system characterizes the LED profile over a 260 degree wide field-of-view, and generates a complete 3D profile of the test source. It also determines the power within a cone oriented along the optical axis of the LED, which is becoming increasingly recognized as an important parameter for device performance. The system accommodates standard LED mounting schemes, and custom mounting schemes are available. In addition, a thermo-electric cooled vacuum chuck option is available to test bare-chip LEDs over a range of temperatures.Photon, a leading optical test and measurement firm, was founded over 20 years ago and has developed several different profiling tools and patented a number of related measurement techniques. Photon is located in San Jose, CA.

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