Artistic Licence offers colour-control of LED starcloth

Feb. 2, 2005
Date Announced: 02 Feb 2005 Artistic Licence is pleased to announce the launch of a joint venture with starcloth specialist Acre Jean. The result is a new concept in starcloth: Pixi-Cloth.Pixi-Cloth is a hi-tech LED starcloth that provides individual control over each pixel with a full spectrum of colour mixing. The pixels can be arranged in symmetric or random patterns.Pixi-Cloth is available in size multiples of 3m by 3m. Acre Jean provides Pixi-Cloth for hire and Artistic Licence offers sales.Pixi-Cloth can be controlled via any DMX512 source. A number of personalities exist ranging from three channel to control the entire cloth, up to individual colour control of each pixel. The controller, Pixi-Power SB2, also provides a range of canned effects that can be triggered via a small number of DMX512 channels.The real power of Pixi-Cloth is seen when it is integrated with a sophisticated control system such as Colour-Tramp. The first use of Pixi-Cloth was seen at the recent BBC Scotland Hogmanay Show. A 6m by 6m cloth was used to form the back drop to the main stage (see photo).Control was provided by Colour-Tramp using the new Visual-Patch technology. Setup is very simple: first, a video camera is connected to Colour-Tramp and focused on the Pixi-Cloth. Visual-Patch then switches each pixel on in turn whilst analysing the video image. Colour-Tramp maps every pixel into its screen layout and automatically addresses each pixel. This automatic mapping of the random pixel positions allows Colour-Tramp to render live video or lighting effects to the cloth.The result is spectacular; is it a starcloth or is it a video wall? Visit for more information.Visual-Patch is patents pending worldwide. Visual-Patch is a trade mark of Artistic Licence (UK) Ltd.

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