Measure absolute spectral intensity of LEDs

Feb. 11, 2005
Date Announced: 11 Feb 2005 Ocean Optics offers a complete spectroradiometric system for measuring absolute spectral intensity values and color parameters of LEDs from 300-1050 nm. Data can be calculated in watts, joules, lumens or candela. Also, calculate spectral values such as dominant wavelength, wavelength purity, peak wavelength, centroid and FWHM, as well as colorspace values such as X, Y, Z and L*, a*, b*.The sampling device accepts LEDs 9.525 mm in diameter or smaller with 2.54 mm lead spacing.At the heart of each LED measurement system is a miniature fiber optic spectrometer that is spectroradiometrically calibrated using a NIST-traceable light source designed for use with a fiber optic integrating sphere. Users can configure complete systems by simply adding an integrating sphere to collect light from the LED, optical fiber to carry the light to the spectrometer, a NIST-traceable power supply that allows users to adjust and display the power supply drive current, and operating software to calculate spectral features and colorspace values. Because all the LED system components are modular, users are not limited to one set of operating parameters and can easily configure a system optimized for their application. What's more, using Ocean Optics standard spectrometers, sampling optics and software, users can create convenient, low-cost systems for measuring relative spectral irradiance of LEDs and other emission sources.

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