IRC’s Anotherm™ boards allow effective thermal management

Feb. 12, 2005
Date Announced: 12 Feb 2005 TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division recently developed an economical anodized aluminum substrate material with superior thermal conductivity that addresses the problem of heat dissipation in direct-mounted LEDs.The use of LEDs has grown in recent years due to the development of high brightness LED devices. The higher brightness levels, however, require proper thermal management in order to obtain proper performance. Anotherm substrates offer unexcelled thermal performance with cost effectiveness. Anotherm substrates utilize a thermally-conductive aluminum alloy enabling design engineers to solder attach LEDs and other surface mount components directly to it, thus eliminating the need for attached heatsinks, mounting hardware and the associated assembly costs. In effect, the PC board becomes the heatsink, which lowers assembly and material costs by eliminating external heatsinks, mounting clips and other hardware.An insulation system consisting of a thin layer of anodized aluminum oxide is chemically grown on the aluminum core, producing a dielectric layer approximately 0.0014 inches thick (0.035 mm, or 35 microns), which provides an inorganic insulation that is not affected by temperature or chemical exposure.This rugged construction gives Anotherm technology the ability to operate in extreme temperatures (up to 175ºC using high-temperature solder). For more information on IRC’s Anotherm technology or to discuss design options, contact the TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division Sales & Marketing Department.

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