Compact LED arrays for biomedical sensors

Feb. 2, 2005
Date Announced: 02 Feb 2005 StockerYale, Inc., a leading provider of specialized illumination products, introduces compact LED arrays for biomedical sensors. LEDs have long been recognized as an energy efficient, long-lasting, illumination source that can be configured into virtually any geometric pattern or shape. Pulse oximetry, pathogen detection, flow cytometry and PDT require miniature lighting sources such as StockerYale’s microscopic LED arrays. Since LEDs emit at specific wavelengths, they are the appropriate lighting option for many innovative biomedical photonic applications. The company’s proprietary LED array fabrication techniques yield highly intense, highly uniform illumination.For unique illumination problems, StockerYale can quickly create prototypes of the most reliable and cost-effective solutions. Customized OEM assemblies range from ultra-compact sub-centimeter lighting modules to large, complex LED illumination systems with integrated control electronics.

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