Hola Tsola - new range of solar-powered LED tiles

May 12, 2005
Date Announced: 12 May 2005 A stunning and unusual new range of solar-powered LED tiles has been launched by the Light Projects Group.Based on an original concept by Sutton Vane Associates, the Tsola is a recessed LED unit – suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications - which uses natural daylight to create energy-free lighting. It is available in two sizes 198 x 99mm or 198 x 198mm and in six standard LED colours; red, green, blue, amber, orange and white. With an ability to charge in both clear and overcast conditions, a waterproof IP68 rating, an operating temperature between -40°C to +70°C and resistance to point and impact load, Tsola can be used in the most demanding of situations and applications. As it requires no electrical supply or maintenance, it is ideal for retro-fitting to existing areas where it is unacceptable or impractical to lay new electrical cable. Subsequently, it can be installed by non-electrical certified personnel. The unit uses pseudo-capacitor rather than batteries to maximise efficiency and longevity and to facilitate the all-weather charging. The unit features an automatic cut on/off level at 150 lux as well as high performance LEDs.Technical information and samples are available from The Light Projects Group.

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