Turret trim & form integrated LED manufacturing line

May 12, 2005
Date Announced: 12 May 2005 The machine is one of the very first designs incorporated a one-ton press in the turret system that available in the market; and is the first and only available system designed and manufactured locally for the photo-electronics industry. The system was initially developed as the turret trim, form, tape and reel machine to process special super bright LEDs which are widely applied in the traffic light system, as well as the LCD television backlighting. It has now been upgraded to include various processes like polarity test, orientation correction, electrical test and colour wave length check. The one-tone press is powered by a servo-motor driven mechanism. The motion of the press and turret is synchronised through the machine cam and linkages system. The press is able to house 3 small modular precision diesets for trim, form and final trim processes.The machine is developed with minimum downtime and easy maintenance features. There are no bolts or nuts to be loosened nor other additional tools to install and uninstall the precision diesets from the system; simply a touch of button on the monitor screen to release the lock and unlock mechanism for maintenance purpose.It is also developed with the flexibility of running many different products on the same machine platform. Quick changeover of diesets allows conversion of different products to be done within a minute. The machine is capable of producing 7000 trimmed and formed LED units per hour with the minimum embedded test time of up to 70 ms. The turret rotary indexer utilises direct servo drive technologies, which enable the system to accelerate and decelerate smoothly and stabilised within a very short interval.It is designed with features a stack of shipping tube loader and output is trimmed and formed LED units into to a single or multiple tape and reel off loaders. The machine can be customised to suit different specification and requirement. Option of installing additional sub-turret is also available for vision and marking capability.The machine utilises the real time software system to allow instant response and communication of various control system integrated in the machine. The capability of incorporating different processes, allows flexible configuration into an integrated manufacturing line. It is available in two different configurations; 16 stations and 24 stations.

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