Opto Diode now shipping 60-die LED arrays

May 25, 2005
Date Announced: 25 May 2005 Opto Diode Corporation, a manufacturer of high performance photodetectors and a premier supplier of standard TO-packaging and custom infrared (IR) and visible LEDs, has developed a new 60 Die LED array product line. Now shipping, the 60 Die LED array has a 40-degree radiation beam angle with much higher intensity in the center of the working beam, compared to other LED arrays. The extremely bright array features the same excellent thermal conductivity and wide range of wavelengths from 405 nm to 870 nm as Opto Diode’s recently introduced 99 Die LED array with a 110-degree angle beam. The new 60 Die LED array family is offered in varying wavelengths with typical peak wavelengths of 405, 470, 525, 610, 830 and 870 nm, respectively. Customized, wider (higher) temperature versions of the 60 Die LEDs are also available upon request.Ideal for tasks that require a narrower and brighter center working beam, the 60 Die LEDS are perfect for long range illumination, such as covert aircraft landing lights. Other applications for the reliable, narrow angle LEDs include fluorescence and photo dynamic therapy. Storage and operating temperatures range from -55 degrees to 100 degrees C with a maximum junction temperature of 100 degrees C and a thermal resistance J-C parameter of 3 degrees C/W, typical. The 60 Die Array product line is available at $148 each in quantities of 100 pieces and is ready for immediate shipping from Opto Diode’s domestic fabrication facility in Southern California.Opto Diode Corporation (www.optodiode.com), based in Newbury Park, California, has been supplying the global market with reliable, high quality infrared (IR) LEDs and custom LEDs in the visible range since 1981. The Company recently introduced a new family of products: High-performance photodetectors, both standard and custom devices that are also manufactured at the U.S. facility. Opto Diode’s signature high standards and uncompromising attention to quality and detail inherent in the LEDs, are now incorporated in the new photodetectors product line. Opto Diode’s domestic U. S. plant offers competitive pricing, short lead times, excellent quality and demanding standards to meet your strictest requirements. Industries served include test & measurement, biotechnology, medical, entertainment, military/defense, industrial, aerospace, automotive, R&D, and more.

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