California Micro Devices introduces PhotonIC driver family

April 22, 2005
Date Announced: 22 Apr 2005 California Micro Devices today introduced the first of its new PhotonIC(TM) family of highly integrated LED drivers. The PhotonIC(TM) CM4600 is a single chip solution capable of driving all the LEDs in a wireless handset. As mobile phones integrate higher levels of multimedia capabilities, primary and secondary display resolutions are increasing and their brightness is a key selection criterion for consumers. Additionally, the higher resolution cameras featured in the latest handset designs require the addition of a camera flash. Finally, color LEDs are increasingly being used to support features such as "funlights" or color alerts. As a result, handset and display module designers are facing new challenges in terms of form factor, power consumption and solution cost. In order to help them satisfy these requirements, California Micro Devices is announcing the PhotonIC(TM) CM4600, a single chip solution supporting main and sub-display backlight LED drivers, RGB funlight drivers as well as camera flash and keypad LEDs. The device is programmable through a standard I2C interface and integrates all of the above functions in a space efficient 4mm x 4mm TQFN package.Key FeaturesThe PhotonIC(TM) CM4600 features 7 outputs driving 25mA each to support the backlight requirements of the primary and secondary displays, 3 outputs driving 25mA each to support RGB "funlights" and one output capable of driving up to 250mA for the white LED camera flash. These outputs are all constant current and matched to within one percent. The maximum current can be set with a single resistor. Programmability provided through the I2C interface enables designers to incorporate features such as blinking, dimming, linear dimming and various other sequences.The PhotonIC(TM) CM4600 uses a charge pump architecture that provides high drive capabiility for the camera flash function with system operating efficiencies up to 95 percent resulting in extended battery life. Another key feature of the PhotonIC(TM) CM4600 is that the LED drive power returns via ground facilitating board layout and minimizing noise.Compelling Value PropositionThe high level of integration featured by the PhotonIC(TM) CM4600 results in significant part count and space savings, since the single chip is housed in a small 4mm x 4mm TQFN 24 lead package. By using the CM4600, handset and display module designers can achieve space savings of up to 50 percent, and reduce cost up to 40 percent compared to alternative solutions consisting of two or three chips. Combined with the fact that only four ceramic parts are required externally, the overall bill of materials is significantly lower."The PhotonIC(TM) CM4600 is the first member of the PhotonIC(TM) product family of highly integrated solutions for handset LED lighting applications, offering designers of the latest multimedia handsets a compelling value proposition," stated Olivier Brecheteau, director of marketing for mobile products at CMD. "We will be expanding the PhotonIC(TM) portfolio of products with additional product announcements in coming quarters."Pricing and AvailabilityThe PhotonIC(TM) CM4600 is sampling now, and pricing starts at $2.20 each in 1,000 units. A comprehensive reference design kit is available for evaluation. Production is scheduled for Q3 2005.About California Micro Devices CorporationCalifornia Micro Devices Corporation is a leading supplier of application specific analog semiconductor products for the mobile, computing and digital consumer markets. Key products include Application Specific Integrated Passive(TM) (ASIP(TM)) devices plus power management and interface ICs. NOTE: ASIP(TM), Application Specific Integrated Passive(TM), OptiGuard(TM), Praetorian(TM) and PhotonIC(TM) are trademarks of California Micro Devices. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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