Seoul Semiconductor starts production of P3 Z-Power LEDs

April 25, 2005
Date Announced: 25 Apr 2005 Seoul Semiconductor (SSC) has introduced a series of high-power packaged with 130 degree of Lambertian emission LEDs.Seoul Semiconductor has commenced production of its new P3 Z-Power LED series of high-power LED packages, which includes a package containing eight high-power red, green blue, white, warm white, amber, cyan, and royal blue chips. The white P3 Z-Power LED has a luminous flux of 250 lm at 1.4 A (5 W), corresponding to 50 lm/W, while the luminous efficacy is 70 lm/W at 350 mA. SSC plans to produce P3 Z-Power LEDs in May and introduce even brighter power LEDs, with an efficacy of 100 lm/W, in the coming year.The P3 Z-Power LED will be available in a side-emitter version in June. The Z-Power LED is available for reflow (SMD), and has a thermal resistance of 17 °C/W. Several versions operating at 1 W (350 mA), 2.5 W (700 mA) and 5 W (1.4 A) are available. The product adheres to RoHS and lead-free directives. The correlated color temperature (CCT) for white is given as 2,650-10,000 K, while the reliability (time to reach 50% degradation of lumen output) is stated as 70,000 hours at 350 mA. Visit to download the datasheet for this product.ApplicationsSSC's P3 Z-Power LED is designed for high-current operation where high-flux output is required. SSC says that the product has a wide range of applications such as internal & external lighting, automotive lighting, and large-sized LCD backlighting. Other applications include general iIllumination; outdoor & indoor architectural lighting; decorative lighting; torch lighting; portable lighting (flash and lamp); task lighting and reading lighting; traffic signs; and large LCD back lights.

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