ProMetric colour photometer for LED backlight testing

April 28, 2005
Date Announced: 28 Apr 2005 Pro-Lite Technology LLP (Cranfield, England) has announced the introduction of the ProMetric® 1000 Colour imaging colorimeter from Radiant Imaging (Duvall, Washington, USA).The ProMetric® 1000 Colorimetric Photometer establishes a new price point for a wide variety of display metrology tasks. This is a CCD-based camera system which offers the speed and image processing capabilities previously found only in higher cost instruments, but at a cost comparable to entry level cameras.Specifically, the ProMetric® 1000 Colour delivers 10 bit (1024 gray scale) dynamic range measurements of luminance, illuminance and chromaticity, and utilises ProMetric® 8.0 software to enable a wide range of sophisticated image analysis tasks. This makes ProMetric® 1000 Colour an ideal tool for production line testing of brightness and colour uniformity of LCDs, PDPs, OLEDs, instrument panels, projection systems and display backlight components. It is also a cost-effective solution for colour Mura defect inspection in these same applications.The ProMetric® 1000 Colour consists of a progressive scan, electronically shuttered camera based on a 1392 x 1040 RGB CCD. Both fixed focal length camera lenses and microscope objective optics are available. This hardware is capable of producing 10 bit dynamic range images in less than 1 second, and then rapidly transferring this data to a host computer via a USB 2.0 interface. The bundled ProMetric® 8.0 software provides camera control, data acquisition and image analysis capabilities. This compact, lightweight camera has no moving parts; this makes it convenient for laboratory use, rugged enough for production environments, and portable enough for on-site measurement in applications such as architectural lighting.Radiant Imaging, Inc., founded in 1981, is the worldwide leader in imaging systems for light and colour measurement, and illumination engineering tools and services. Radiant Imaging’s technologies are focused on providing lighting and display system manufacturers with enhanced design capabilities, greater product development efficiency, improved manufacturing productivity and increased competitive effectiveness in the world marketplace. Radiant Imaging’s three major product areas are the ProMetric® light and colour measurement systems, Radiant Sources® light source characterization systems and source data, and Application Engineering Services to support development of application-specific solutions incorporating ProMetric® technology. Pro-Lite is a specialist distributor providing value-added service to the laser and optical radiation measurement communities in the UK and Ireland. Pro-Lite supplies lasers operating from 157nm to 4.5 microns, laser safety eyewear, laser power and energy meters, precision opto-mechanical positioning equipment, integrating spheres and equipment for measuring optical radiation and the optical properties of materials.

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