Luminous develops new KLD phosphor for white LEDs

July 11, 2005
Date Announced: 11 Jul 2005 We are Luminous Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, and we have just finished the development of our new type of phosphor. This is an entirely new phosphor for white light LEDs.The phosphor is released to supply the sample for every LED manufacturer in this month. To make white light on blue LED chip which can be done by some kind of phosphor so far. These way had been taken by Nichia, Osram, and others. Those white light is made by blue and yellow, therefore that looks like cold white, that is not able to make the color like tungsten bulb. Our new phosphor - called "KLD" - could make warm white color without decreasing luminous intensity. This method does not use UV chips, it uses blue LEDs. We have succeeded in making warm white light by making a mixture of two different phosphors. So that this phosphor and blue LED make white light by RGB.We think there is special merit of this phosphor. This phosphor could adjust conditions of white color by changing percentage of the two types of phosphor. And more, to change the percentage of KLD and epoxy is useful for making your white color. You can get your favourite from cold color to warm color.We would like to supply the KLD material for all over the world from Tokyo. We are awaiting for any inquiries and contacts.We have applied this patent already in this June. This is not opened to public still now, so then I would like to ask you to contract Nondisclosure Agreement when you order the sample of our phosphor.After your inspection and evaluation, when you decide to adopt our phosphor for your product, would you please contract License Agreement with us.

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