Spotlight UV-systems provide high intensity

July 25, 2005
Date Announced: 25 Jul 2005 DYMAX offers a range of spot-curing systems for precision bonding, mounting and fixturing for optic fiber optic and opto-electronic applications. The BlueWave 200, featuring the highest intensity of 20 Watts/cm² in the UVA-range, enables single, double, or even quadruple wand curing and provides curing in seconds. Its timer controller was recently improved to increase the ease of use and visibility. The BlueWave 50 with an intensity up to 3000 mWatts/cm² (measured with a lightguide simulator 5mm) cures most UV adhesives in less than 10 seconds. Both spot light systems combine high curing capability and long bulb life to provide an efficient, economical solution for effective cure whilst minimising infra-red emissions. A high degree of process control and choice of lightguides ensure flexibility across a wide range of curing applications.DYMAX flood light sources are integrated in complete modular packages ready to plug in and cure either as focused beam, wide area flood or concentrated flood reflector. DYMAX UV-curing systems are highly versatile and ideal for benchtop production or prototyping. They are designed to optimise safety and convenience for process-controlled cures.

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