LED light analyzer combines integral and spectral techniques

July 19, 2005
Date Announced: 19 Jul 2005 "Complete light measurement solutions" is the fundamental idea behind every Gigahertz-Optik project and product. Based on this principle Gigahertz-Optik expands its product family with the new X4 Light Analyzer – a high-precision instrument that combines traditional broadband integral radiometry/photometry with the latest spectral measurement techniques.Filter radiometers and photometers offer high sensitivity and large dynamic range plus simplicity and low cost. However measurement uncertainties of up to 30 % can occur when testing quasi-monochromatic light sources, like LEDs, in the blue or red spectral range.On the other hand, current technology diode array based spectrometers can provide wavelength distribution information but do not offer the sensitivity of integral measurement devices for luminous flux or averaged LED intensity photometry.The X4 Light Analyzer offers on-line recording of spectral data and consequently an a(z) correction of the integral measured values. This results in a photometric measurement error of less than 2 %. CIE Color Coordinates x, y and u´, v´ are indicated with an accuracy of less than 0.005.An extensive program of add-on accessories, like integrating spheres, enables complete test and inspection stations, for LEDs and OLEDs for example, to be assembled. The windows based software provided fully controls the X4 Light Analyzer via USB interface and clearly displays all results.Due to its ease of use the X4 Light Analyzer is not limited to use in R & D applications but also in quality control and on the production line.

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