Cyberlux introduces the KEON KeyCap retail distribution

July 18, 2005
Date Announced: 18 Jul 2005 Today, Cyberlux unveils the KEON KeyCap(tm), a new product designed to provide consumers with a long-lasting, slender sleeve of electronics that turns a standard key into a practical lighting element.The patented KEON KeyCap(tm) is the practical lighting solution for every consumer who carries keys. Each KEON is a sturdy elastic surround that fits standard key heads and features an electronics package that focuses a bright diodal(tm) beam of light down the key shaft. When its miniaturized button is depressed, the KEON KeyCap(tm) directs light precisely into the intended keyhole or other targeted surfaces."The innovative KEON product demonstrates the focus that Cyberlux has on developing practical solutions based on the latest diodal(tm) technology. This product introduction is another important milestone for the Company. In particular, the KEON product is the first product to result from the expanded design and manufacturing capability we now have available internally," said Donald Evans, CEO of Cyberlux.The KEON light source is a diodal lighting element that never requires a light bulb change. The result is a product that is maintenance-free and offers long-lasting energy-efficiency that uses 90 percent less energy than traditional incandescent flashlight bulbs."We have begun introducing the KEON KeyCap(tm) to the major consumer retail channel partners, and we should complete the product launch over the next 60 days. Already we have had great response from all the buyers that have reviewed the product. The KEON is such a practical product that all retail store environments will find the product applicable and valuable to their customers," said William Walker, Cyberlux senior vice-president of sales.

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