Allscape selects OptiLED lamps for in-ground exterior lights

Oct. 26, 2005
Date Announced: 26 Oct 2005 OptiLED, global manufacturer of innovative light emitting diode (LED) lighting systems, today announced that Santa Ana-based architectural and landscape lighting company, Allscape, has selected OptiLED's Designer Dimmable lights to power its new SL-23 and SL-43 AIM-LOC(TM) outdoor LED lighting products. The in-ground/above-ground fixtures contain Allscape's patent-pending aiming and locking mechanism that gives exterior lighting designers a more flexible lighting solution. Powering the SL-23 and SL-43 AIM-LOC light is OptILED's Designer Dimmable that offers a range of field changeable optical pattern diffusers ranging from 2(degree) spot to a 70(degree)x2 column(degree). With its MR16 form factor, the versatile Designer Dimmable can be used in most indoor and weather-protected outdoor fixtures and applications, including theatres and cinemas, amusement parks, architectural features, landscape accents, retail, museum and hospitality venues. The Designer Dimmable offers full performance at 12 volts DC or AC and dimming capability from 10 volts down to three volts, where it operates at candle glow. At full power, the unit requires less than 2 watts. When equipped with a Red, Green and Blue OptiLED fixture and a DMX responder board the SL-23 and SL-43 become capable of generating 16.7 million colors at 256 levels of intensity. The units can be animated for dramatic effects or produce subtle color changes over time. "Selecting the OptiLED lamp for our product line gives our customers several distinct advantages," said Ian Ibbitson, Allscape General Manager. "It makes it the most cost-effective LED solution on the market today while offering the industries best range of optics." Allscape's AIM-LOC light is the newest and most flexible aiming device in the lighting industry, allowing 360 degrees of horizontal rotation and up to 25 degrees of adjustment from the vertical position. The ball and socket mechanism assisted by a compression spring allows for smooth, effortless hand adjustment. The locking mechanism is activated by tightening the screw. Allscape's SL-23 is ideal for narrow spot column lighting, wallwash surface lighting, driveway and crossing markers, porthole flood and sign lighting, and directional shield flood and tree lighting. Allscape's SL-43 contains 7 OptiLED light engines and is a powerhouse of lighting effects. Capable of illuminating substantial architectural features, it is ideal for flagpoles, columns, trees and wallwashing large areas. OptiLED's Designer Dimmable features a polycarbonate face and base, an anodized aluminium housing, and a standard four-degree diffuser. The Designer Dimmable can be used for lighting objects with variable intensities and distribution or for longer-distance lighting applications. With nine diffuser options available, the lighting effects available to the user are increased dramatically, with choices of spherical, elliptical or line effect diffusers. The Designer Dimmable is available in five colors, including red, green, blue, amber and white. The Designer Dimmable incorporates advanced LED technology to create a lighting solution that is bright, energy efficient, versatile and simple to use and install. LED colors are pure and saturated, not filtered portions of ordinary light. They also possess over 10 times the efficiency and up to 50 times the life of the regular lamps.

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