American Bright high-intensity 3- and 4-Watt LED modules

Dec. 7, 2005
Date Announced: 07 Dec 2005 Chino, CA – American Bright Optoelectronics has announced a breakthrough in power LED capabilities, with its new NovaBrite™ 3-Watt LED unit packaging, offering one of the industry’s highest powered devices, capable of displaying 6500K (IF = 350mA) with an input power of 3.0 Watts (PD) in standard colors, and a uniquely brighter white, 120-lumen unit capable of handling up to 4.0 Watts. Immediate cost-savings can be realized with the use of this type of single lens, high-power LED as a simple, more reliable alternative to incandescant lighting, and a contender for replacement of higher cost, higher temperature lighting such as metal halide. Applications include safety lighting, crossing gate and warning lighting, taillights, light torches, desk lamps, flashlights, and large-screen LCD backlighting, interior lighting for automotive, architectural lighting, and other space-conscious applications. It is also considered a high-intensity light source for general lighting needs requiring a high intensity, long-life light source, and where thermal management is a key design/function criterion.The NovaBrite™ BWL Focused Beam Series is offered as a complete Light Engine, a PCB-mounted unit (Light Module), available mounted onto a finned heatsink for maximum heat dissipation, or provided as a discrete LED component (emitter), enabling unlimited use and installation flexibility. The self-contained Light Engine is comprised of the miniature 13.50 x 20.50mm gull-wing packaged discrete emitter, that can be provided on either a 36.00mm diameter PCB, or the entire assembly provided on a finned heatsink, providing up to 100 x 100 mm2 surface area.Forward voltages range from 4.5V to 12V @350mA (series connection) or @1A (parallel connection). The BWL Focused Beam Series features high flux density, a high lumen output range from 20 lumens (blue) to 75 and 90 lumens typical (red, green, yellow and white at 3W), low power consumption, and offering a with viewing angle of 60°for domed lens models, to 120° for the flat lens, low profile unit. Operating temperature range is from -40º to 120ºC. PCB-mounted units are supplied with resistors for optimum drive voltage. An RGB full-spectrum unit is also available for versatile color ranging applications, particularly valuable in indoor lighting or multi-color lighting environments. The overall Focused Beam Series is manufactured in compliance with RoHS PB Free materials and processes to meet the increasing demand for environmental responsibility. “This new capability to meet many high-intensity based applications can open new uses of LEDs in lieu of traditional incandescant and halogen light sources, while offering virtually infinite life and accurate color beyond any LEDs experienced,” stated George Lee, President. The NovaBrite™ BWL Focused Beam Series is priced from $6.00 each (white, discrete 3-Watt module) in production quantities (priced lower in standard colors), and is available from stock or the factory in special configurations.

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