G & R Labs announces enhanced calibration service for test equipment

Dec. 8, 2005
Date Announced: 08 Dec 2005 Company provides maximum two-day turnaround, ±1% NIST traceability and probe matching to within ±1%Santa Clara, Calif., - G & R Labs, a global provider of light- measurement instrumentation and calibration services, announces significant enhancements to its calibration services for light-measurement systems and probes. The company now provides maximum two-day turnaround on all standard orders, ±1% NIST traceability and probe matching to within ±1%. These services enable manufacturers to further maximize yields, minimize system downtime and reduce the frequency of future recalibrations. The company accepts nearly all makes and models of light-measurement instrumentation operating in the 540nm to 220nm region, with values to 100W/cm2. A new, comprehensive “All About Calibrations” document is now available on their website. "NIST traceability to within ±1% is a major draw for us," said George Richardson, president of G & R Labs. "Most calibration houses provide ±3% or ±2% at best. We employ two master standards with a tight tie to NIST; this enables us to crosscheck constantly. In addition to enhanced accuracy, ±1% NIST traceability means instruments can go longer between recalibrations. For example, a Fortune 500 Company we work with now recalibrates every six months, as opposed to every three months in the past." A calibration certificate is provided with each order; this documents precisely where the device was when it came in and where it is now."Probe matching to within ±1% is also unique – I don’t believe customers will find this service anywhere else," Richardson continued. “Reason being, it’s a very tedious and challenging process. But we’ll happily do it – it can make a significant difference in maximizing yields and consistency."All standard orders ship with maximum two-day turnaround. “In reality, 99% of our orders ship within 24 hours,” Richardson said. “We state maximum 48 hours to cover unique situations. Also, if a customer ships us an instrument with two probes, we’ll calibrate the second probe for a nominal fee – saving them hundreds of dollars.”G & R Labs is a global provider of light-measurement instrumentation and calibration services. In addition to providing a full line of light-measurement meters and probes, the company excels at creating custom light-measurement solutions for a full range of unique light-measurement challenges.

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