ROHM system LED drivers deliver 8kV ESD protection

June 1, 2005
Date Announced: 01 Jun 2005 ROHM’s BD6061GUT and BD6063HFN system LED drivers are ideal for the backlight LEDs used in compact LCDs in mobile equipment such as PDAs, DSCs, DVCs and can also be used as supplementary light as a flash in mobile phone cameras. With the need to reduce the number of parts in mobile phones for more compact end products, ROHM has developed the BD6061GUT and BD6063HFN in CSP and HSON packages, respectively. ROHM recently developed a synchronous rectification system - a system that carries out the rectification required in switching DC/DC using a PMOS transistor instead of a Schottky barrier diode - that reduces the number of external parts from 5 to 4. BD6061GUT saves 65% of board space, while BD6063HFN saves 93%. Pricing and Availability:Samples of these items are available. Prices for BD6061GUT and BD6063HFN are $0.92 each (prices are for minimum purchase of 3000 pcs). Lead time is 8-10 weeks ARO.Applications:This IC is ideal for PDAs, DSCs, DVCs, mobile phones and supplementary light for mobile phone camera flash.Series Features: BD6061GUT and BD6063HFN1) Compact package contributes to space-saving.2) The onboard functions, like LED lighting and brightness adjustment, are simple and allow a broad range of applications in all types of compact, mobile equipment. 3) The element configuration and circuits has increased electrostatic resistance to 8kV for high reliability.4) The synchronous rectification system eliminates the need for an external Schottky barrier diode. 5) With two package types, CSP (BD6061GUT) and HSON (BD6063HFN). PCB and flexible substrates are both available. Explanation of termsSynchronous rectification system: This is a system that carries out the rectification required in switching DC/DC using a PMOS transistor instead of a Schottky barrier diode. Electrostatic resistance: This indicates the upper limit on external static electricity before the LSI is damaged or destroyed. Generally, higher values are better. PCB (printed circuit board) substrate: These are substrates made of a rigid substance called glass epoxy upon which copper or other foil is printed to make electrical circuits. Flexible substrate: These are substrates made of polyimide file or other soft material whose shape can be altered.About ROHMROHM was established in 1958 in Kyoto, Japan. For years, ROHM has been the unseen force behind some of the most innovative products on the market today. ROHM designs and manufactures integrated circuits and other electronic components. The company’s product line includes monolithic ICs, power modules, transistors, diodes, light emitting diodes, laser diodes, liquid crystal displays, printheads, contact image sensors, photo link modules, resistors and capacitors. ROHM has manufacturing plants in seven countries and a global sales operation from the Far East to North America. For more than forty years, ROHM has stayed focused on the fundamental philosophy of customization. The majority of ROHM’s manufacturing equipment has been developed in-house, giving ROHM the ability to respond immediately to changing market needs.Automotive, telecommunication, computer and consumer OEMs are among the leading end users of ROHM products.

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