Moulded Optics introduces glass half-ball-lenses for LED use

June 17, 2005
Date Announced: 17 Jun 2005 MOULDED OPTICS GMBH, a worldwide leader in moulded glass lenses for light technology with spheric, aspheric as well as free-shape surface, has designed a new product line:Half-Ball-Lenses made from B270 glassMOULDED OPTICS is able to provide these standard lenses from some ten thousands up to some million pcs per year for very cheap prices, comparable with plastic lenses.For all lenses from MOULDED OPTICS made of B270 or Borosilicate glass we can provide a certificate for RoHS and for WEEE.We can provide also lens arrays. So you are able to reduce your costs for mounting and calibration.

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