Traff’s Domino Sign system lights up the way

June 15, 2005
Date Announced: 15 Jun 2005 Traff of France has launched Domino Sign, an innovative technology for lighted signs. This new range is a specific, simple and effective solution to sign makers' different requirements. Specialising in industrial applications using light-emitting diodes (LED), TRAFF is continuing to develop on an international scale and is currently seeking distributors covering Europe, the Middle East and America. The Domino Sign range’s easy installation, small overall size, total waterproofness and high degree of flexibility are what makes the various products original and attractive. Whatever the type of lighting users wish to install (backlighting, direct or indirect lighting, point-to-point), the range offers LED lighting products replacing the conventional but outdated neon. Unlike LEDs, neon is only able to light up, go out and flash. The Traff diode assemblies enable users to create a product to match their specifications exactly. Made up of a multitude of light spots coupled with an electronic master-control centre, they can change colour, draw motifs, run written texts and display information (temperature, date, etc.). This complete range of lighting devices includes various bright modules made up of diodes as well as peripheral equipment such as power supplies, regulators, boards and programming software for manufacturing signs. The development of diode lighting has numerous advantages – a low level of electricity consumption, a 24 VDC low-voltage power supply, an exceptional lifetime of 100,000 hours, a very high degree of luminance and considerable resistance to all types of climate. With Domino Sign, renewing the lighted signs also becomes a much more innovative and creative activity. The products in the range come in a variety of forms. The Domino Cob is an ultra-flat device specially for illuminating letters and backlighting (light halo effect over 180°). It comprises between three and six COB (chip-on-board) diodes welded onto an electronic board. Each board is connected to the next one by means of a parallel connection. The Domino Logo is a sort of garland of 5-mm high-luminance diodes encapsulated at the back, which is fastened onto a pre-drilled metal plate by clipping and without any welding for the purpose of producing point-to-point lighting. The Domino Clip is made up of programmable modules comprising eight 5-mm high-luminance diodes. A removable and replaceable programmable board is incorporated into the power supply box and enables a vast number of animations to be managed module by module. The Domino Kit, specially designed for chemist's shop crosses, is made up of a series of 10 high-luminance LED modules, a power supply box and a remote control unit. The modules are either single-colour (256 LEDs per module) or two-colour (512 LEDs per module). The animation programmes are very bright and upgradeable (available in the form of internet downloads). The Domino PLV is designed for lighting up plexiglas by the edge (very bright and low energy consumption). About Traff ( in Blois in the Loire Valley, Traff was the first French company to develop the light-emitting diode technique for use in advertising and business signs. Ludovic Labidurie and Damien Grolleau, two specialists in on-board signalling built into priority and service vehicles, set up Traff at the beginning of 2004, building on more than 10 years' experience in developing and marketing LED lights. Traff has rapidly become a leader in the field of LED lighting. The company both designs products for its own ranges and develops other products for third parties (OEM).

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