SSC unveils world’s slimmest LED for cellphone LCD backlighting

Sept. 19, 2005
Date Announced: 19 Sep 2005 Seoul Semiconductor has developed the world’s slimmest side white LED, with a thickness of 0.45mm. The new product has been developed innovatively to reduce mobile phone’s LCD thickness. SSC has already delivered samples to customers. It is slimmer size than other typical side white LED products (0.6~1.0 mm). According to competition of slim mobile phone market, SSC expects this new product would be strongly appealing to mobile phone manufactures to satisfy the slim mobile phone trend. Especially, to reduce the mobile phone’s thickness, it is necessary to reduces LCD BLU’s thickness. Thus to make a slim-sized of LCD BLU, it is essential to use a part of slimmer fabrication which applied the slim-sized side white LED. Currently, each fabrication and side white LED’s thickness is 0.7mm and 0.6mm and white LED manufactures are trying to focus on R&D to develop the slim size of LED. It is expected that slimmer mobile phone would be introduced in the next year according to 0.3mm of fabrication. As a result, it is crucial focal point to survive in the market in developing under 0.3mm of thickness of side white LED.With continuous investing in R&D as well as improving technologies, SSC will capture slim sized white LED market in advance and aggressively focus on increasing domestic market share as well as overseas market share.

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