L2 Optics introduces OPTX Lens System for Cree XLamp 7090

Sept. 20, 2005
Date Announced: 20 Sep 2005 L2 Optics OPTX Series Lenses have been designed for use with the Cree XLamp 7090 series of LEDs.There are three different illumination patterns available: spot, wide and oval. LED type, chip type and colour has an effect on illumination pattern, e.g. non-white LEDs give a narrower distribution. If you need more exact data on the issue, please contact L2 Optics for advice.All L2 Optics OPTX Series Lenses are made from optical grade PMMA (acrylics) to ensure excellent optical properties as well as long-term material stability and durability.L2 Optics OPTX Series Lenses are one or two part units depending on the beam angle required. The base lens is a spot beam and can be used on its own or with a clipon diffuser lens. The other two beam angles, wide andoval are in two parts using the base lens and a clip-on sub lens forming the complete lens.L2 Optics OPTX Series Lenses do not require an optic holder as the base lens has an integral self-adhesive pad which is stuck directly to the PCB over the top of the XLamp LED. This dramatically cuts down on assembly time and obviates the need for external adhesives.All L2 Optics OPTX Series lenses are made of optical grade PMMA (acrylics) to ensure excellent optical properties as well as long-term material stability and durability and have an optical efficiency of the lenses is 85% minimum.L2 Optics OPTX lenses position easily and accurately over the XLamp LED. They are easy to fasten onto the PCB using the integral self-adhesive pad.The snap-lock fastening of the sub-lens is very secure and does not allow lens to move or drop out, once it has been placed.OPTX Series Part NumbersBase Lens OPTX-1-006: OPTX Series Spot Base Module - 6°Sub LensesOPTX-1-DIF8: OPTX Series Spot Diffuser Sub-Lens - 8°OPTX-1-016S: OPTX Series Wide Sub-Lens - 16°OPTX-1-825S: OPTX Series Oval Sub-Lens - 8° x 25°L2 Optics are also happy to make you a special customized lens to meet your specific needs. Please ask L2 Optics for a quotation.

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