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Sept. 19, 2005
Date Announced: 19 Sep 2005 Eyeleds® Outdoor Pro; as well as patios, driveways and indoor applications Eyeleds® has now become successful in the global water sport world. Ships’ interiors, ships’ decks and even landing stages can be easily fitted with the – 40 mm circular and 6.5mm thin - Eyeleds® Outdoor Pro fittings. These are fittings (which can also be connected directly to 12V supply) that not only serve the decoration and design aspects, but also provide an essential contribution to orientation and safety. It is obviously safer when the edges of a landing stage are effectively accentuated by LEDs.Eyeleds® Outdoor Pro; stands out due to its uniquely professional and standard-compliant installation, the economically attractive and robust energy-saving LED light sources, and also the exceptionally hard-wearing construction provided by very high-quality corrosion and UV resistant materials. (You can even drive a truck over the fitting!). It is important for an installer to know that strict standards also apply to floor and build-in lighting! All Eyeleds® fittings meet the most recent standard requirements (IEC-60598-2-13, paragraph 13.13). Since last year both indoor and outdoor floors are subject to the high IP67 rating for light fittings! (Very high rating for water and dust resistance of fitting). One driver can accommodate 40 fittings that are connected over a length of 50 meters in a sort of chain system and the system offers additional flexibility with splitters and extension cables. The SMD-LED light sources (12V, 0,3W and 25 mA) employed for Eyeleds® have an anticipated lifetime of 100,000 hour. Were a fitting to remain lit for 24 hours per day, its consumption would amount to approximately 0.50€ per year! No more spent batteries when you forget to switch off a light! The yield is with 20 lumen/watt extremely high; an Eyeleds® fitting has a light output of 6 lumen and is available in the well-known light colours white, blue and amber. With LED lighting the light source does not fail from the one moment to the next, losing rather gradually in intensity when on. Various tests with Eyeleds® have demonstrated that after 3 years there is still no visible difference compared with an unused light. Eyeleds® is so convinced of the quality of its product that is offers a product warranty of 3 years.Eyeleds® Outdoor Pro; is for this reason an eminently suitable and easy to use fitting for marine applications. You will find more product and dealer information and demo films at

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