Imaging sphere measures LED angular intensity, color, view angle

Sept. 26, 2005
Date Announced: 26 Sep 2005 Pro-Lite Technology LLP (Cranfield, England) has released the ProMetric Imaging Sphere from Radiant Imaging, Inc. The ProMetric Imaging Sphere collects the full 2 pi (hemispherical) intensity and colour information from LEDs in an instant. The Imaging Sphere is a novel solution to the LED industry’s biggest problem – how to obtain high speed angular light and colour measurements without an expensive goniometer and with no moving parts to worry about.Originally developed by Philips and licensed to Radiant Imaging, the Imaging Sphere addresses the needs of the LED, display and solid state lighting industries for a high speed, inexpensive and low cost means of measuring angular light intensity, colour and view angle performance. The Imaging Sphere combines a Radiant Imaging ProMetric CCD imaging photometer/colorimeter, with a diffuse hemispheric collector. An LED placed centrally in the dome illuminates the interior surface of the hemisphere which is painted with a low reflectance, diffuse coating. A convex mirror placed to one side of the light source, images the inside of the dome. The ProMetric video photometer views the mirror and thus captures the full hemispherical illumination from the LED in one measurement. The angular variation of the luminous intensity and CIE colour is captured in a single measurement that takes seconds to perform.The ProMetric camera software automatically applies corrections for image distortion, stray light and flat-field correction so that the displayed image is a true representation of the LED’s angular intensity and colour distribution. With arrays of up to 2000 x 3000 pixels, the ProMetric CCD camera is capable of high angular resolution.About Radiant ImagingRadiant Imaging, Inc., founded in 1981, is the worldwide leader in imaging systems for light and colour measurement, and illumination engineering tools and services. Radiant Imaging’s technologies are focused on providing lighting and display system manufacturers with enhanced design capabilities, greater product development efficiency, improved manufacturing productivity and increased competitive effectiveness in the world marketplace. Radiant Imaging’s three major product areas are the ProMetric® light and colour measurement systems, Radiant Sources® light source characterization systems and source data, and Application Engineering Services to support development of application-specific solutions incorporating ProMetric® technology.About Pro-Lite TechnologyPro-Lite serves as the Radiant Imaging distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Pro-Lite offers a wide range of productivity-enhancing equipment for optical radiation measurements as well as integrating spheres, imaging photometers, detectors for the UV to FIR spectral range, lasers that operate from 157nm to 4.5 microns, a full range of laser test and measurement equipment, acousto-optics for laser modulation and control, laser safety eyewear and precision opto-mechanical building blocks.

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