Macroblock unveils constant-current LED driver with 1A output

Sept. 6, 2005
Date Announced: 06 Sep 2005 Hsinchu Taiwan, September 2005- Targeting at the emerging market of high power LEDs, Macroblock is releasing MBI1801 which is a constant-current LED driver, with output capability of more than 1A and embedded with thermal protection.MBI1801 provides single output channel with high output current capability. Users may set up the output current up to 1A through an external resistor so that MBI801 fits various LED lighting applications. Also, users can precisely dim LED brightness from 100% to 0% via output enable control by using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technique. The maximum frequency may reach 1 MHz.To ensure the system reliability, MBI1801 is built with a temperature sensor and provides a TP (Thermal Protection) function and thermal pad. The temperature sensor can detect the junction temperature of MBI1801 and the TP function can protect IC when the temperature is over 165°C. Moreover, MBI1801 is packaged with the thermal pad to enhance the heat dissipation through a metal substrate. As a result, MBI1801 can handle a large amount of output current safely in one TO220-5 package.Customers may design MBI1801 in their lighting products requiring high current (1200mA per loop).Macroblock’s All-Ways-On SeriesMBI1801 Output Channel: 1 Output Current: 1200mA MBI1802 Output Channel: 2 Output Current: 360mA MBI1804 Output Channel: 4 Output Current: 240mAMBI1816 Output Channel: 16 Output Current: 60mABrightness adjustment range: 0% - 100% Protection: TPPackage: Green package + thermal padAbout MacrobloackMacroblock, Inc., founded in 1999, has been dedicated itself as an LED driver IC expert for LED display, LCD backlight and LED lighting applications. Macroblock is leading with PrecisionDrive™ LED drivers embedding “Current Adjustment” and “Open-Circuit and Short-Circuit Detection” functions for message signs in the traffic applications. To target at high-flux LED lighting applications, Macroblock delivers LED drivers exploiting All-Ways-On technique. In addition, LaurenBoost™ LED power converter can meet the blooming energy-saving lighting market.

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