Micro Lamps introduces Toyoda Gosei full spectrum “True White” LED

Sept. 27, 2005
Date Announced: 27 Sep 2005 BATAVIA, ILLINOIS. - A world leader in distributing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to electronic OEMs, Micro Lamps, Inc. has introduced a line of “True White” LED lighting devices manufactured to the highest quality standards by Toyoda Gosei Optoelectronics (Japan).Toyoda Gosei’s P/N E1S40 is the industry’s first full spectrum “True White” LED. This device, now in mass production, uses a short wavelength purple LED “pump” combined with multiple-RGB phosphors to produce the industry’s purest poly-chromatic White Solid-State Light (SSL) source.The E1S40 is available in six chromaticity bins centered around equal energy white (EEW 5400°K) coordinates x=0.33, y= 0.33 on the 1931 2° Observer CIE Chromaticity Diagram. Selected bin buys are serviced with quick delivery response.The E1S40 True White LED exhibits a high CRI rating due to its full-spectral emission characteristics. The device is available in three intensity ranks ranging from 290 mcd up to 640 mcd at 20 mA. The E1S40 is a surface mount device (SMD), in a 3.2 mm X 2.8 mm X 1.9 mm package format, compatible with standard automated assembly processes. The radiation pattern is a near-Lambertian 120-degree pattern. The E1S40 True White LED incorporates advanced “epoxy-free” packaging and an integrated Zener Diode for full over voltage and ESD protection. The E1S40 is “Pb Free”. This rugged PLCC package with integral solder joint stress relief design is an ideal product solution for rugged, long-life demanding micro-miniature lighting applications.

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