Neo-Neon presents the killer of glass neon light

Nov. 3, 2005
Date Announced: 03 Nov 2005 For years, glass neon has been the mainstream product for outdoor linear lighting. This situation has changed since Neo-Neon™ started a revolution by introducing the new technology LEDNEON-FLEX into the market. LEDNEON-FLEX is your best solution to substitute the neon-glass light. Download the press release including an energy usage comparison.>>>High Flexibility- Cut in any length- Bendable- Twistable >>>Multicolor- 6 single color and RGB multicolor available>>>High and even brightness- High density of LEDs- High intensity of LEDs>>>Safety- Low Voltage application available- Low Heat Emission >>>Easy installation/ Maintenance - Light Weight- Handy Size- Plug and Light- Trouble-free >>>Long Lifetime and durability- Up to 100,000Hrs Lifetime- Shock resistant>>>Energy Saving/ Environmental Friendly- Save your money- Save the environmentDownload the press release including an energy usage comparison.

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